Drink Bottles With Wide Ranges Of Choices

Drink bottles seems to be an ordinary product that we often see in our homes, work places, schools, gyms and many other places. Some of us know how useful this product is for man, and besides using it for its primary purpose of storing water, vitamins and juices, we take it to another level by using it for advertisement and promotional purposes.

Advertisement and promotional activities with drink bottles could be amazingly beneficial and lucrative, its cheap in prices, effective as compare to some of the highly expensive marketing methods, no need to pay for your advertisement again and again. All you need to do is giveaway promotional bottles printed with your name, logo, or any specific marketing message, promotional offer, discount offer to your existing and potential clients and customers and this product will keep on giving.

“Australian Made Drink Bottles”, the leading supplier of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel made bottles is well known in Australia for supplying drink bottles with wide ranges of choices in colors, designs, materials, caps and nozzles and lastly sizes and shapes.

Choosing the right kind of drink bottle sometimes plays a vital role in your marketing and advertisement campaign. The reason why choosing what suites you best is let’s say you are targeting a group of sports people and you want to let them know that you have one of the most energetic, instant energy providing vitamin for them and you want to buy them when practicing on the field or during the drink break. So in that case what material would be the most appropriate material for the manufacturing of your promotional bottles and what should be its size?

plastic made sports bottles plastic sports bottles drink bottles

The answer to that is nice looking plastic sports bottles that can store up to 1000mls of water, vitamins, or any other energy stuff. So when you giveaway drink bottles to that group of sportsmen or a particular sportsmen gets your promotional bottle is definitely going to be using it on the field and people around that person will look at it and ask for more and you have successfully crowd sourced 11 to 15 people or more towards your business.

Find out what type of audience you are willing to advertise and promote your business, drink bottles are available in wide range of choices including fancy caps, lids, nozzles, colors, sizes and shapes, and materials.

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Spread The Words With Drink Bottles

Drink bottles may seem an ordinary product that we use in our daily lives in so many ways at so many places. We carry along drink bottles while going for a morning run at a nearby park, we carry it in our work places as well, we put it in our kids sports bags before they are leaving for practicing a forthcoming school football game.

Drink bottles truly are one of the basic necessities of man. We keep water, beverages, proteins, and other drink in it safely.


In another perspective, drink bottles could be the most effective tool to spread the words among our friends, family members and colleagues. The usefulness of this product makes us carry it along with us in so many public places and if we try to spread a word of advertisement via printed drink bottles  then no other promotional product could come as handy as a drink bottle.


Drink bottles comes blank in nature, all you have to do is print your company’s logo, name or marketing message on it and give it away to your clients and potential customers in different events, such as corporate events, press events, launch shows and etc.

Find out why drink bottles could be the best marketing tool HERE

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What Is BPA

Since 1960, industrials all around the world started using a new type of chemical called BPA for manufacturing many plastic and resins. BPA stands for “Bisphenol A”.

The use of BPA is very often in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Today, polycarbonate is often used in making various food and beverage storing containers such as drink bottles. Some other consumer product may also be made of BPA.

Consumer goods such as food cans, bottle tops, water supply line and many other metal products are coated from the inside with epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are also very often used in dental sealants and composites.

The reason why this chemical is considered hazardous is its ability of seeping into food and beverages from containers that are made with Bisphenol A. Exposure to BPA can cause some serious health related issues because it directly effects on the brain, prostate gland of infants, children and fetuses.

Various research has shown that this chemical can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with Bisphenol A. Exposure to this chemical is a concern because of possible health effects of on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.

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After conducting hundreds of research programs and reviews based on various studies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared BPA is safe at the very low levels that occur in some foods.

The Food and Drug Administration is continuing its review of BPA by supporting ongoing research. If you are concerned about BPA, the following steps can reduce your exposure or at least can minimal the risk of this chemical.

The best way to get rid of this chemical is seeking BPA-free products. Today, the consumer market is full of BPA-free products, so go for products labeled as BPA-free. If you are unable to find such products then keep in mind that some plastic marked with recycle code 3 and 7 may be made with this chemical.

The other most authentic way of getting rid of this chemical is the cut down of cans. Reduce the usage of canned foods since most of them are coated with BPA-containing resin.

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The National Institute of Environment Health Sciences, part of the National Institute of Health strongly advises avoiding heat by not putting polycarbonate plastics in a microwave or in the dishwasher because of high risk of BPA leaching into the food due to plastic may break down over time.

By using alternatives such as aluminum and stainless steel made containers for hot foods and liquids we can completely cut down BPA from getting into our food. You can also stay safe by using plastic containers but make sure to buy BPA fee labeled products.

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Leading Supplier Of Drink Bottles

Australia is one of the most popular countries in the globe when it comes to sports, wildlife, and so many other sparkling things. Drink bottles are also included as one of the medium of popularity of Australia in business world. From exporting bottles all around the world to supplying bottles to some of the most well-known sports drink manufacturers; Australia is the place to supply 70% of the world’s plastic and aluminum bottles requirements.

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If you are somehow associated with drink bottles manufacturing, selling, purchasing or sports in ground root level, then you may have heard of “Australian Made Drink Bottles“. Australian Made Drink Bottles is the most trusted source of buying plastic drink bottles online in bulk measure. Since the establishment of our company, we have successfully manufactured and supplied millions of bottles to thousands of supplier all around Australia for different purposes such as promotional purpose, sporting purpose, resell purpose and more.

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All of the products at Australia Made Drink Bottles are 100% BPA free and are made of food grade materials, we also provide the fastest delivery all around Australia.

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